Block Time and Lunch Breaks

You may need to block time when your staff members aren't available to receive clients, such as lunch breaks or school runs. Shedul provides two ways to create staff breaks, which include Split Shifts for regularly-scheduled breaks (e.g. lunch) and the Block Time feature for one-off breaks.

This article will show you:

  1. Add a Repeating Break (Split Shift)
  2. Add a Blocked Time slot to the calendar (one-time)
  3. Delete a Blocked Time slot

1. Add a Repeating Break (Split Shift)

When you have a regularly scheduled break (e.g. lunch), you can apply Split Shifts directly to your staff's Working Hours. These breaks will then be automatically for each day, and can be adjusted for any day of the week.

  1. From the left-hand Navigation Menu, select Staff
  2. Select a day to apply hours, OR click on a shift that's already been setScreen-Shot-2017-10-23-at-14.41.04.jpg
  3. Select the hours when a Shift Starts and when a Shift Ends, and then click Add Another Shift. The end of your first shift will signify the beginning of your breakScreen-Shot-2017-10-23-at-14.43.10.jpg
  4. Select the hours of the second shift of your employee. The beginning of the second shift will signify the end of the break
  5. You'll then have the option to apply this Split Shift as either one-time, or set it to RepeatsWeekly
  6. Select Save. You will now be able to see these recurring shifts in your calendar, which appear as light grey unavailable times.Screen-Shot-2017-10-23-at-14.52.40.jpg

2. Add a Block Time slot to the calendar (one-time)

You may have irregular breaks or staff meetings where your staff won't be able to take appointments. You can keep track of these appointments using our Block Time feature on the Calendar:

  1. From the left-hand Navigation Menu, select Calendar
  2. Hover over the green + icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the calendar, then select New Block TimeScreen-Shot-2017-05-30-at-15.03.34.jpg
  3. Select the calendar, and drag to select your Start Time and Duration. Note: on mobile devices, you'll need to input this information from the drop down menuarea-1528730232682.gif
  4. Add a Description to remind you the purpose of the Block Time (e.g. running an errand, staff meeting)
  5. Select Save to block this time on your calendar

Once you have your Block Time set up, your staff will be notified if they attempt to create an appointment that overlaps with a Blocked Time period. Additionally, clients won't be able to book online during Blocked Times. 

3. Delete a Blocked Time Slot

If you want to remove blocked time from the Calendar, it's easy to do:

  1. Click on the Blocked Time in the Calendar
  2. Click the Delete button to remove the block time: Screen-Shot-2017-10-23-at-14.56.06.jpg

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