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Never miss a beat with Shedul's intuitive staff notifications. When taking online bookings through Shedul or if someone has created a booking on your behalf, you'll most likely want to be notified when a client books an appointment.

You might also want to know when an appointment has been updated, whether that's your appointment or all appointments business wide. 

This guide will help you set up and answer any questions on:

  1. Web App Notifications
  2. When is a Web App notification sent?
  3. FAQ's about notifications
  4. Email Notifications 

1. Web App Notifications


Web app notifications add multiple layers of notifications to both offline and online bookings. Anytime an action is applied to an appointment, a notification will be generated, provided that you have enabled it. Individual staff notifications are managed and set up by the staff member in question, when they are logged in. If they have login access, they have access to staff notifications.

Find and apply notifications from the My Notifications Settings view which can be navigated to from three areas:

  1. From My Settings > My Notification SettingsScreenshot_2019-06-17_at_11.41.29.png
  2. My Notification Settings found directly under the avatar icon.Screenshot_2019-06-17_at_11.46.02.png
  3. From the gear icon visible in the activity log.Screenshot_2019-06-17_at_14.48.54.png

NOTE: By default, every staff member with access to their calendar will receive notifications regarding:

  • New appointments - When a new appointment has been booked online or offline
  • Reschedules - When the client reschedules via Fresha or an appointment is rescheduled using the "Reschedule" button internally
  • Cancellations - When an appointment is cancelled
  • No Shows - When an appointment is marked as a no show

Further notifications can be added from the My Notification Setting section to include:

  • Confirmations - When an appointment has been marked as confirmed
  • Arrivals - When appointments have been marked as arrived
  • Started - When appointments are marked as started

2. When are Web App notifications sent?

Notifications are sent when an appointment is created or the status of the appointment changes.

Notifications are not sent to the user making the change.  For example, as a receptionist, I can change the status of an appointment from arrived to started. As the one making the update, I will not get the notification, but everyone else who has access to that appointment will. 

NOTE: By default, staff members will get their own notifications when they have access to their own calendar. Similarly, staff who have access to multiple locations will be able to define which locations they wish to receive notifications from. 


TIP: Permissions determine whether staff can receive notifications about other staff appointments when they have Access other staff calendars or when they are assigned to multiple locations or have Access all locations enabled.

Make sure to give admin and reception access to multiple locations for a smoother client experience, whilst limiting service providers to their own notifications.


3. Frequently asked questions about notifications.

When will I receive notifications?

You will receive notifications when:

  • The client creates, reschedules, rebooks or cancels an appointment and you are the staff member rendering the service attached to that appointment.
  • Other staff members create, reschedule, rebook or cancel an appointment. You will also be notified when appointments are marked as a no show or have their status changed to arrived or started.

When won't I receive notifications?

  • You will not receive a notification when you are the one making the change to an appointment.

Where do I see my Notifications?

  • On the top right, click the bell icon where you will find all notifications under Activity. Notifications about updates from us remain under News
  • Staff using a mobile device will find it under the bell icon at the bottom. 

TIP: Navigate directly to the appointment by clicking the notification.


4. Email Notifications

With Staff Notifications, you can also specify which email addresses receive notifications and choose whether the service provider who received the online booking receives an email notification or not:

1. From the main menu, go to Online bookings > Settings

2. Tick who should be notified and/or add a Specific Email Address

3. Remember to Save Changes 


TIP: Separate emails using a comma to add multiple emails for online booking notifications.

NOTE: Email notifications are only sent when the appointment is booked online. Should the client reply to this email, the reply will go to the email address saved under Setup > Locations. 


If you haven't yet added email logins for your staff members, follow this link to Create User Logins & Permissions.

For more about notifications, see:



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