Refunds & Exchange

In case a refund or exchange is required, there's an easy way to refund the original sale and raise a new invoice.

How to apply refunds & exchanges

As an accounting policy, invoices cannot be edited once raised but they can be refunded or exchanged. Shedul will keep track of the original invoice and sale, and create a new negative invoice to process the refund or exchange. This ensures your historical sales are static and a new invoice is issued for your client's reference. To locate the relevant invoice,

1. Go to Sales > Invoices

2. Use the search bar located on the right to find the invoice and select it

3. Scroll to the bottom to select More Options > Refund

4. Select Refund 


5. You are now given the option to + Add item to sale to create an Exchange

6. Finally, create a negative sale or exchange by selecting the relevant payment type


All invoices, including completed, unpaid, part-paid and refunded are tracked under Sales > Invoices


TIP: If you are refunding the client for a Product, the product item will be returned to your stock levels after the negative invoice has been raised. 

NOTE: Invoice dates and Payment dates cannot be backdated or edited as Shedul tracks all sales and reports in real time.

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