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Each business will need to add services so that clients are able to schedule an appointment. Here's a short video to show how:


How to add bookable services

When logging into your Fresha partner account, you'll notice two demo services. We've made it super simple and extremely customizable to add and modify services, and there are no limits to how many services you can add.

The first step to adding a Service is to create a Service Group.

1. From the left-hand Navigation Bar, go to Services > New Service Group which is located in the top right-hand corner using the Add New black button


2. Add the Group Name (e.g. Hair, Massage, Personal Training) and select the service category color. Read more about appointment colors here. Likewise, you have the option to add a Group Description which is visible to your clients when booking online:


3. Click Save 

Now that you've created the Service Groups, it's time to add Services. To do this:

1. Select the More Options icon to select Add New Service or the black Add New button in the top right to Add New Service and select your Service Group


2. Add the Service name, allocate a Treatment type, Duration and Retail price

3. Save the new service

TIP: In case you have multiple price and duration variations of the same service, you are able to Add another pricing option


You can also rearrange Services and Service Groups by clicking the three grey lines to enable drag and drop


TIP: Services are the first thing clients select when scheduling an appointment online, so it's important to keep it structured. To optimize your service menu for online bookings, you may want to learn how to enable specific services online.

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