Send Automated Client Reminders

Reminders in Shedul are completely automated, you just need to turn them on!

How to send automated client reminders

Most businesses will want to send an automated SMS or email message to remind clients of their booking before the appointment starts. Not only to remind them but also to give the client an opportunity to make any amendments, which in turn helps reduce no-shows.

All accounts have free unlimited email notifications, and certain lucky countries already have free SMS notifications. Follow the link to see which countries have free SMS notifications enabled.

This article will guide you through the process of enabling SMS and/or email reminders:

1. From the menu, go to Setup > Client Notifications

2. Apply your Reminder settings (recommended settings below)

3. Save your changes


Open each tab to view other notification types: Confirmation, Reschedule, Cancellations and Thank You messages.

Notifications will be sent automatically depending on your settings.  For example, in the screenshot above, the client will receive a reminder exactly 24 hours before their appointment starts by both email and SMS. Notifications rely on client's contact details being saved within their profile

The status of all notifications sent can be viewed under the Messages tab from the main menu. 

Edit each template and personalize the text sent and remember to save changes. SMS reminders are limited to 160 characters so you'll need to be strategic with your wording. Emails are unlimited so you are welcome to add additional information. 

Use the tags below to include appointment details inside messages. These tags will pull through specific information from the appointment itself and personalize messages:





NOTE: SMS's are one-way notifications and cannot be replied to. eMails on the other hand are two way, and clients can reply to your emails directly. To update which email address the reply goes to, go to Setup > Locations. 

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