Change Your Business Details

To set up your account details or to change important information about your business, you can update your Company Details at any time. 

Locate your Company details from the main menu by heading to:

1. Business Name and Description

Your business name is the first information displayed on invoices raised and it's often how the support team will locate your account, should you need help:

  1. Head to Setup > Account Setup
  2. Update the name in the Business name field
  3. Click Save to apply any changes.

NOTE: both Business Name and Location Name are displayed on the invoice. This is in case you have variations in names across multiple locations. To update your Location name, head to Setup > Locations

TIP: The description area is the perfect place to add links to your social media pages. This will help the support team locate your Facebook and Instagram pages quickly, should you need help with Online Bookings.

2. Business Address

In case your headquarters has a different address to your locations, you can update your business address by heading to: 

  1. SetupAccount Setup
  2. Select the Address window to type the address of where your business is registered
  3. Click Save to apply.

Should the address of one of your locations change;

  1. Head to Setup > Locations
  2. Select the location that needs to be updated
  3. Update the Location name to the new business name
  4. Click Save to apply.

3. Business Website

Keeping your business' website link up to date within Shedul is important as it'll help the support team quickly navigate to your website should you need help with online bookings. 

  1. Setup > Account Setup
  2. Select the Website window to type in your full website link.
  3. Click Save to apply.

4. Contact Number

The same applies to your business contact number as the website. Applying your business number will allow the support team to contact you directly should we need too. 

  1. Head to Setup > Account Setup
  2. Select the Contact Number window
  3. The country code is pre-populated for you. Simply drop the first "0" and add your best contact number. Eg +44 1444441234 or +1 5555555555
  4. Click Save to apply.

5. Business type

  1. Head to Setup > Account Setup
  2. Select the Business Type tab and select a type from the drop-down menu.
  3. Click Save to apply.

6. Time Zone

Shedul is available for all businesses, all around the world and setting the correct time zone is important as this defines what the time the calendar thinks it is in (the red line across your calendar). This ensures your client notifications are sent according to the time zone as a result. 

Shedul calculates time zones in GMT format e.g (GMT +00:00) London or (GMT-05:00) New York.

If you cannot find your exact city, do not fear, these are just example cities, you can still use Shedul by selecting the next biggest city that shares the same time zone as you.

  1. Head to Setup > Account Setup
  2. Select "Time Zone" to open up the drop-down menu
  3. Find and select the city that is closest to you and that shares the same time as you
  4. Click Save to apply.

7. Time Format

Shedul gives you the option to display your calendar times in both 12-hour format and 24-hour format. To apply the settings that suit you best;

  1. Head to Setup > Account Setup
  2. Scroll down to Time Format and select your preferred format
  3. Click Save to apply.

8. Country

Are you moving to another country? That's awesome. If it was a typo, no worries, we can update this for you.

The country your business is registered as will directly affect your account currency, timezone, and billing information.

Email us directly at info@shedul.com to have this changed. Please email us from the email address you registered with so we know we are speaking with the owner of the account and specify which country you'd like the account updated to and why. 

Updating these details may take a few days so please give us some notice. 

9. Currency

Updating your currency needs to be updated by someone from the Shedul team. If you registered and chose the wrong currency, please request this change using the Contact Support option from the top right-hand menu and we can usually do so within a couple of days.

NOTE: Updating the currency does not convert sales and figures to the exchange rate equivalent. The same service menu prices and sales figures will remain but the currency icon will be updated.


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