Change Your Business Name

So you've decided to change the name of your business. Congrats! Now you'll need to update your Shedul account to reflect these updates. This article will walk you through on how.

There are a few places where your Business name will be used, so you'll need to review and update the following:

1. Update your Company Details

  1. Head to Setup > Account Setup
  2. Update the name in the Business name field
  3. Click Save to apply any changes.

2. Update your Location Name

  1. Head to Setup > Locations
  2. Select the location that needs to be updated
  3. Update the Location name to the new business name
  4. Click Save to apply.

3. Review your Client Notifications

  1. Head to Setup > Client Notifications 
  2. Click through each of the notification type tabs to review the body of the messages
  3. Update the messages in case there is any reference to your old business name
  4. Click Save to apply.

4. Update where staff notifications go

If your business name has changed, chances are the business email address has also been updated. There are a couple of sections you should review: 

  1. Head to Online Bookings > Settings
  2. Update the email address where staff should receive notifications
  3. Click Save to apply.

5. Update where email replies go

  1. Head to SetupLocations
  2. Update the email address to where replies from client notifications go to.
  3. Click Save to apply.




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