Calendar Settings

The Calendar is the heart of the Shedul system, and we've made it simple to change the view of the Calendar to match your preferences. These changes can be made at any time by heading to Setup > Calendar Settings.

There are four parts you can tweak in your Calendar Settings.

1. Appointment Color allows you to choose how you color appointments on your calendar. For more information, refer to our Change Appointment Statuses & Colors article.

2. Time Slot Interval allows you to adjust the display of your calendar. Here you can determine the interval, or booking slots, that you will see on the calendar, expanding or condensing the calendar to your needs.

The interval can be anywhere between 5 minutes and 30 minutes. The smaller the interval, the more appointment information will be visible in the Calendar.

TIP: For a business with relatively short appointments (e.g. a waxing studio), we'd recommend 5 minute intervals, whereas, for massage clinics, we'd recommend 15 or 30 minute intervals. 

3. Default View allows you to set your preference to the calendar opening on today's work day or work week. If you choose to always open the calendar at today's date (Day), you'll see the calendar for all staff, whereas if you change the view to Week, you'll see the entire weekly calendar for one staff member.

4. The Week Start Date allows you to choose the first day of the week. Whichever day you select (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday) will be the first day displayed on the left-hand side of your calendar. 

NOTE: To save any unnecessary scrolling on the calendar, you'll find a red line that always indicates "now". Anytime you refresh the page, you'll find the red line appears in the middle of the screen.

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