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At Shedul, online bookings are the key to improving your booking volume and connecting with your clients. Over 60% of appointments booked online are created outside of regular working hours, so you'll be amazed to see how many new appointments you'll be waking up to with online bookings. 

You've still got full control over how your clients book online, so all you need to do is allocate the hours you are willing to work and allow your calendar to fill itself. 

This guide will walk you through the process of setting up your online booking process and policies:

  1. Enable online bookings
  2. Settings for online bookings
  3. Decide which services and locations are available online
  4. Trouble Shoot

1. Enable your online bookings

In order to start taking online bookings, you'll first need to ensure they are enabled under: 

  1. Setup > Online Booking Settings 
  2. Ensure your Online Booking Tools are enabled
  3. Adjust your Booking Availability, Cancelation Notice and Booking Policy to your business needs 
  4. Then select Save Changes

Next, double check if have enabled online bookings under:

  • SetupLocations. Here you can enable (or disable) online bookings for that particular location
  • Staff  > Working Hours. Clients can only book online based on the availability you have applied. 

Now, head to the Online Bookings tab from the main menu. Here you'll find three important sections:

1. Online Booking Page

Here you'll find your unique URL(in blue) under the Online Bookings Page Share this directly with your clients or add it to your website. The URL will open your online booking widget onto a new web browser tab. Click on the URL to ensure it works consistently on any device, any OS version and any web browser.

2. Online Booking button

You can also embed the Online Booking Button onto your website. The widget will pop up at the top of your website.

This does take technical knowledge of websites so it's best to share this section with your website developer. It's very easy if you know how, and follows the same process of embedding a Youtube video.

3. Facebook
Adding a call to action to your Business Facebook page is super effective and only takes a few steps:
  1. Login to your business page on Facebook
  2. Click on the 'Add a Button' button (big blue button near the cover photo)Facebook_Part_1.jpg
  3. Click "Book Now" and then click on "Next"Facebook_Part_2.jpg
  4. Copy and paste your unique URLFacebook_Part_3.jpg
  5. Click "Save"
The Facebook Page Button is the first thing the client will see and is visible on all devices.

2. Settings for online bookings

  1. From the main menu, select Setup > Online Booking Settings 
  2. Specify a delay in bookings, eg clients can book up to 2 hours in advance (most users opt for "None" to allow last-minute bookings where there is availability)

  3. Specify how far in advance clients can book online, eg 6 months (90% of online bookings are booked within a week unless it's a festive period)
  4. Apply your Cancellation Notice period. This will display as a notification before the appointment is booked. 
  5. Add your Booking Policy. This is custom text so you can add any important T's and C's or notifications. 
  6. Tick to specify if you'd like clients to be able to select their preferred staff member
  7. And Save Changes 

For more details on clients being able to select their preferred staff members, follow this link: Requested Staff 

3. Decide which services and locations are available online

You may not want your entire Service Menu to be visible online. In fact, the shorter the online menu, the easier and more enjoyable it is for your client to book with you, encouraging them to book more.

  1. Go to Services > Select your Service
  2. Click on the Online Booking tab
  3. Tick Enable Online Bookings to enable
  4. Save your changes


You may have a new location that is still being set up and not ready to take online bookings just yet. In this scenario:

  1. Go to Setup > Locations
  2. Select your location
  3. Tick Enable Online Bookings to disable
  4. Save your changes 

4. Trouble Shoot

When attempting to book online and you receive the notification stating "This Salon hasn't enabled online bookings, but you can still contact them on..." it is most likely that you have not added Staff Working Hours and/or enabled online bookings for your particular location.

In this case, we'd recommend you head back to step 1 in this article and follow the steps for how to Enable your online bookings




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