Fresha Plus - Australia

Fresha Plus is currently available for businesses in the Australia and the United Kingdom

The Fresha Plus package is a bundle of advanced features which unlocks new revenue for your business. To gain access to this package of tools, a small fee is applied to your successful online bookings.

Shedul itself is free. Should you opt-in to Fresha Plus, you'll only pay a small rate to handle all of your online bookings and to unlock a huge range of extra benefits and features, ensuring a win-win for everyone. Simples!

This article will guide you through the following:

  1. What is Fresha Plus
  2. How Fresha Plus Fees work
  3. "Pay by App" Integrated Card Processing
  4. Extra Features Unlocked!
  5. Do I pay to send marketing messages?
  6. Does the fee apply for clients who did not book online?
  7. View Your Fees


1. What is Fresha Plus

Fresha Plus is the latest product brought to you by the Shedul team. It's designed to improve engagement with your clients and protect yourself against cancellations and no shows in order to supercharge your revenues. Fresha Plus unlocks every single feature available for a single flat fee on all bookings made online, including:

  • Smart Marketing - built-in Smart Campaigns for Birthdays, New clients and more
  • Pay by App - use the 'pay by app' to charge clients cards at no additional cost
  • Built-in No Show Protection - almost entirely eradicate no shows for peace of mind
  • Built-in Late Cancellation Protection - option to charge for all bookings made online
  • SMS Reminders for client notifications
  • Online Bookings for client to book for themselves
  • Access to the Fresha marketplace to advertise your business and attract new clients


2. How Fresha Plus Fees work

Our fees are structured on a success-based approach; they only apply on successfully completed online bookings - Yay! We also simplified the whole Fresha Plus package into one bundled rate;

  • 1.29% + 26cents (+ VAT*) for all appointments booked online
  • *VAT is only applied to the service fee and not the entire sales value
  • *Payment process fee applies to appointments booked offline when paid with card through the app and Refunds
  • One-off market place referral fee of 20% is applied to clients brought to you by us

Example: Let's assume a client has booked a $50 appointment online.

The Fresha Plus fee for Australia is 1.29% + 26cents and standard VAT of 10% applies to the fee amount (not the entire sale value paid by the client to you)

Before VAT, the Service Fee = ($50 x 1.29%) + 26cents = $0.905. After VAT, Service Fee (inc VAT) = $0.905 + $0.0905 = $1.00

 Usually, VAT is eligible to claim back through your regular tax return process. Please discuss with your accountant.

One-off marketplace referral fee.   There is a one off market referral fee of 20% for clients that are brought to your from the marketplace. This is a one off charge to cover the costs of the marketing efforts put into drive clients to your business. If the client books with you again, the referral charge does not apply. If the client is already a client of yours or books directly through your Facebook, Instagram or Direct booking button added to your website, the referral fee does not apply. 

TIP: Stop using the card terminal machine. The fee is applied to all online bookings, and includes card processing fees when a payment is made through the app. So avoid paying additional card terminal fees!


3. "Pay by App" Integrated Card Processing

Even better news, there are no extra costs when your client pays via the app using their saved card. That's right, the card processing fees are entirely included in your single Fresha Plus fee.

What about other banking fees? Like receiving funds to your account, processing refunds, PCI compliance etc. these are also all covered in your single Fresha Plus fee. Simple!

So no hidden fees! Just the single flat rate for all bookings made online. There are no fees for:

  • Interchange
  • Chargebacks
  • Payouts
  • In store bookings
  • Inactivity
  • PCI compliance etc
  1. Card fees and banking fees are included in Fresha Plus's fees, so you will not incur any additional charges from us or the card companies.
  2. Shedul charges merchants the same processing fee for all cards accepted with Shedul.
  3. Payment processing fees are taken out of the total amount of each transaction, including VAT on the sale and tip.
  4. Fresha Plus's fees apply to all business types, including non-profit organizations.

Note: Shedul’s fees are shown inclusive of any VAT: 1.29% + 26cents (+VAT on the service fee only).


4. Extra Features Unlocked!

By enabling the Fresha Plus package, you can look forward to:

  • Pay By App functionality at no additional cost
  • Late Cancellation Protection built-in
  • No Show Protection built-in
  • Automated Marketing Features to increase client engagement
  • Marketing Dashboards to monitor success
  • Online Bookings
  • SMS reminder notifications
  • Access to the Fresha.com marketplace


5. Do I pay to send marketing messages?

No. Emails sent using the marketing features are covered under the Fresha Plus fees structure, so make sure you enable these to automatically continue engaging with your clients.


6. Does the fee apply for clients who did not book online?

No, Fresha Plus fees only apply to sales which came from online booking channels.

However there is one small exception; if your client chooses to pay for an offline sale via the app using their saved card. In this case, the Fresha Plus fee will be applied to cover the payment processing cost (even though the booking was not online, the payment was!)


7. View Your Fees

View your current balance and processing rate at any time from your Payments Dashboard. For an overview of past fees paid per month in the past, you can visit Payments to select the "download icon", then Online Sales Activity.

Likewise, you can select the Account Statement download for a detailed breakdown of all accumulated payments and when they are due to be paid out.

Should you have any more questions, please email info@shedul.com 

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