The Power In Checking Out Appointments

Knowledge is power, and checking out appointments is your key to success. If you're not sure how to check out an appointment and raise an invoice, watch the video below.

Transform your business in just 4 clicks

Every appointment needs to be Checked Out as soon as they have been completed. The same way an Uber driver will complete the ride after you've reached your destination, you should complete your appointments after the service has been completed. In the just 4 clicks, you'll ensure your business runs like a well-oiled machine you will get the very most out of Shedul. Entire sections and features are dependant on appointments being checked out, and we're here to help you unleash your untapped power. 

Here are some of the vital functions that will be unlocked, and reason as to why all appointments need to be checked out (if you're not doing so already).


1. Reporting

Do you know who your most valuable clients are? Most businesses think they know, but the real numbers paint a different story. Raise an invoice after every completed appointment to open up a world of best-in-class reports that track your business performance in real time! 

  • Track Client Retention  
  • Tracking New Clients vs Returning Clients 
  • Visit the Analytics Dashboard for live updates on; Total Sales, Average Sale Value, Total Appointments, Occupancy, percentage of appointments booked online
  • Full POS reporting under "Analytics">"Reports" to track payments, transactions, sales, commissions, tips, taxes, inventory
  • Head to "Sales" for a detailed break down of Appointments, Invoices and Voucher sales
  • Track performance in sales over any time period based on staff, services, and products. 
  • Make informed decisions on your best selling services, to determine which ones to promote, or remove.


✨TIP: Use the Sales by Service and Sales by Product reports to track your bestsellers, and give your Service menu and Inventory a spring clean at least every quarter.

2. Follow-Ups, Ratings, Reviews and Rankings

Thank You Emails are the smartest way to strengthen your relationships with clients, continue engagement and encourage more bookings. They're only triggered when an appointment is checked out, after it's been completed.

The personal touch of a Thank you message is key for improving retention, capturing ratings, reviews and boosting your search rankings. All of which directly leads to more bookings and more money. 

  • Thank You Emails are sent automatically once the appointment is checked out. If an invoice has not been raised, then the system doesn't know the appointment has been completed. 
  • Clients are given an option to rate their appointment from the email. This boosts you on the Fresha marketplace and helps convert additional new clients to new bookings.
  • After giving you a rating, clients will see a Rebook button which allows them to rebook in just one click, whilst their previous experience is still fresh. 


KEEP IN MIND: If the client has an outstanding balance (part paid invoice), they will still receive the "Thank you” message and be encouraged to rate their booking.


3. Marketing

Smart Marketing Campaigns with Fresha Plus are guaranteed to boost sales and fill up the calendar.  Trigger special discount emails based on events such as Birthdays, First-Timers, Most Loyal, and more.



  • Campaigns available with Smart Marketing are directly based on sales, so the promotions will only be triggered when appointments are checked out. 
  • Check out to improve retention; the Win Back Clients campaign offers clients a juicy discount with an invitation to come back soon if they are lapsing.
  • One of our most successful campaigns targets your Most Loyal clients, the ones who have spent or visited the most in the past months; directly correlates with sales.

Adopt the habit of checking out clients to ensure you're getting the most out of Shedul and to keep full control of your business. Take the time to walk your staff members through the following articles to ensure everything is set up and invoices are processed correctly:

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