How to Set Up Payments

Payment Processing is currently available for businesses who have enabled Fresha Plus

Shedul has revolutionized the way your clients pay for their appointments. Say goodbye to expensive card terminals and clunky cash payments and say hello to cardless, cashless and contactless "Pay by App" functionality with built-in No-Show and Late Cancellation protection.

If you're already set up, go to How to Process Payments.

This guide outlines the following:

  1. How to add your Billing Information
  2. How to enable Payments

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1. How to add your Billing Information

In order to start capturing online payments, you'll first need to add your billing information to your Shedul account:

  1. Go to Card Processing > Start NowScreenshot_2019-07-04_at_15.03.21.png
  2. Your password is required to ensure you have permission to access this sectionScreen-Shot-2019-01-29-at-17.02.40.jpg
  3. Specify whether you are an individual sole trader or business and fill your billing information along with your VAT number. Click Save & Continue.
  4. Add your Bank Account Holder details. Make sure these details exactly match what you have registered with your bank
  5. Add your Bank Account Details (Note for Australia: your BSB Bank number is the first three digits of your BSB number, and your BSB Branch number should be the last three digits).
  6. Add your Payment Method Card details
  7. Click the Save button to complete.


2. How to enable Payments

Now that your banking details have been added, let's update your settings to enable card processing. Requiring card capture means that your client will need to add their card details (just once) in order to book their appointment and it'll be securely stored on their Fresha profile for their next appointment.

We have found that simply by requiring card capture, businesses have experienced up to an 80% drop in no-shows.

  1. Head to Card Processing  > No Show Protection where you'll be given the option to Require Card Details when clients book online. 
  2. By selecting cards to be required, you are also enabling built-in No-Show and Late Cancellation Protection options:      Screenshot_2019-07-04_at_15.05.12.png
  3. Select the option that suits your No-Show and Cancellation Policy best. These will be displayed to the end user when they book an appointment online. Read more about this here.
  4. Click Save.

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