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Online Booking Block Bad Clients


Block certain 'bad' clients from online booking, force pre-payment or simply hide any availability to book 


  • When online payment and shop will be available for Australia?

  • This was posted on the previous site:

    It would be fantastic to have an option, after the initial client approval or account creation,.. to determine whether or not a client can book freely every time, or if they will need approval every time. On an individual basis.

    My vision is a simple group of options (drop down) within each client card: 
    - Always allow online booking 
    - Always require approval 
    - Do not allow online booking

    These option would override the set of global rules. 
    If nothing is selected, global rules still apply.


    I agree with this option. This way we can prohibit "bad" clients from booking online. This is the main reason I have not implemented it, and won't until blocking is available.


    In my case, the global wetting would be "allow". After 3 no-shows, I would change their setting to "prohibit".



  • A option of black-listing  "bad" clients in the section client details, which not allows to accept any booking in advance.

    Txs Birgid


  • I have a client that has cancelled her appointment last minute 17 times and not shown up for an appointment 5 times in the last 11 months. Can I block her from booking online or seeing my schedule and force her to call the clinic to make an appointment with me so I have full control over when or if she can book.


  • This would be so good! We have a few clients that will repeatedly cancel and rebook each week and it’s getting to the point of looking at new systems that have this option & taking down online booking/fresha!

  • This is fantastic i have the same issue as the ladies above

  • I need the ability to block clients from booking online. I have clients who have no-showed and I don't want them rebooking.

  • Please think about this function seriously. We lost a lot of money because of no-show clients and canceled just 30 minutes before their appointments. :( 

  • Yes please implement this because it cost use clients and money for bad clients.

  • Yes please, people think it’s funny to use fake numbers and emails and some no shows.

  • Blocking bad client's from booking online is in the works! Should be ready for late December! :D 

  • Looking forward to this feature. You're an amazing group.Thank you shedul team.