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Online Booking: Find Next Available Day


Can be searched for all staff or selected staff members, or by service.
Saves the client working through the calendar looking for a time slot, especially useful if you are booked are several weeks in advance or around holiday periods. 

For example long periods of unavailability / Clicking through day is problematic / Users bounce if cannot find slots easily


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    Coming soon, like real soon to your online booking features.

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  • Is this available? If we could enter a service and then have the system search for the next available time slot, using filters such as specific staff availability, it would save an immense amount of time and be worth its weight in gold!

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  • Agreed! I only work part time, so it would be incredibly helpful if the calendar only showed the dates with available appointments instead of every calendar day.

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  • I would also love to see this feature with online bookings. I get booked up weeks in advance and clients think that the online booking feature doesn't work when they attempt to book online because all the dates they select are not available and they inevitably end up contacting me directly to book. Quite frustrating.

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  • I also only work part time on an unpredictable rotation. Showing only days of the month that are available would be great for clients and keep them from texting me wondering if something is wrong.

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  • I only work once a week on different days, so my clients have to scroll a lot, and i frequently get an email saying my booking system must be faulty, because they think it just does not show the available slots.

    So please, make a new layout with only available dates, so that we can make the choice which layout suits our businesses best!

    And thank you for an amazing software:)


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  • This would be perfect for our business - great idea - upvoted

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  • That's an amazing idea. I work part time around my other job so it would save patients scrolling through lots of dates I'm not available. Thanks :)

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  • OR even a full calendar view, greying out days with no available appointments. (this could be an option in settings, so that people can chose what suits their business)

    I book out months in advance. scrolling through day by day is frustrating for some clients. I often get text asking if there is a problem with the app. 

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  • Yes, please! This would make mine and client's life easier. It takes too long to click on each and every day just to find no availability. I am sometimes booked couple of months in advance so constant clicking can get potential clients fed up.

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