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Multiple clients under one invoice


We haven't been able to find a feature at all where two different clients can pay on one check without changing the appointments to all be in one persons name. We have been checking them out separately in the system, for now. However we often run into this with parents paying for multiple children, or a bride whose friends want to pay for her services. If you could add an option at checkout to combine two clients onto one bill, similar to how you can add services and products, that would be fantastic!

Merging Invoices: Parents paying for children's booking / One client paying for group of friends / Associated client records


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    Hi Everyone - thank you for your votes and comments. Keep them coming!

    This feature is definitely on our roadmap but please keep voting as it help us prioritise what is most important for you. 

    A quick work around for now would be to simply check out both appointments quickly, add the totals together and charge the client the total sum so that they only pay once. This way, you can still keep each client's appointment history separate but the client feels they have paid once. Hope this helps for now! 

  • most of our clients are a group booking and then sometimes one paying for all. How can you call up all people to the one sales point

    dying to fully commit to schedul once we are across everything


    Getaway Day Spa

  • Could you add another clients invoice to a invoice you are closing out? in the same way you would add another service before closing the invoice  Example: in the drop down tab you could enter another service to the check out before closing out the invoice.. why not have another tab for additional client ..connecting the client, service and staff altogether before checking out the invoice.. 

  • we for sure need this option!

  • Yes, we really need this as well!  Not only being able to check them out together, but also being able to mark them as siblings in the system.