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Client Loyalty Rewards & Referrals


The ability to award client points based on purchases which can later be redeemed for services. 

The trend is moving away from loyalty punch cards towards points-based systems, so this functionality would be really fantastic!

Set business rules for; Free Items, Discounts, Point Credits triggered by purchases / Incentives to spend higher, return more often / Social referral rewards like Uber / Message notifications


  • when will this be available please

  • This would be fantastic! It would also be fantastic if this could involve points for a client who refers another client and each time that client has a treatment!

  • need a proper Fidelity Card

  • I’d love this... Please have this option would help me so much!

  • This is a great idea. 

  • Is there an idea of timing of this feature launching?

  • We will only buy a subscription when the patient rewards points feature is added I’m afraid. No sense in changing until it’s there. Timely doesn’t have this functionality either

  • When will this feature be activated ?It wil help a great deal as I have been trying to use separate systems to achieve this.

  • Agreed, I would really love this feature!