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Classes and Group Bookings


If would be great if you can add a feature to book classes, such as yoga classes, gym classes and etc with multiple customers.


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    We plan on adding Classes as a feature early in the new year. 

    Classes requires heaps of other features including Memberships, Client accounts to credit balances, Pre-paid courses and more which will take some time but it's definitely on the to-do list!

  • So this feature will only be available some time next year?

    Possible to give a more specific timeframe, like February for example?

  • would work great for my Spa parties, and group mobile parties

  • @Peter Ford

    It's really tough to give specifics as the world of software has so many variables and one feature may take longer than expected which pushes everything back but to be on the safe side, we'd confidently say the first half of 2019. 

  • What a shame as I only signed up for this as a sole trader needing to book 14 slots on my classes. Now I see Schedul can’t do this 😞 Could I perhaps set up 14 fictitious staff slots and fudge it that way?
    I don’t need memberships as I only do 3 classes a week

  • This will be great. I can't wait for this feature.

  • Hi I also signed up as a yoga teacher and need to be able to add up to 15 people into a class. Please can you advise when this facility will be available? Thanks 

  • As a health and wellness club we look forward to this feature as well as membership options in the near future.

  • Is there any more information on the ETA of 'group booking' options?

  • Also signed up for the for the group booking system as the front page implied the software would be suitable for a Yoga Studio so would be great to see this added soon or to have an update on any progress please.

  • I too signed up thinking I could add classes to the schedule.  I am a craniosacral therapist, but I also run small study groups for other CST practitioners that I usually track on my booking system.  It's only once a quarter, and I have a small part-time practice, so I don't want to pay for mindbody, who took over the booker system I was previously using.  Please add this feature!  

  • Please do advise when the group booking will be implemented as it is the only reason why I would need a system, thanks!

  • I hope there will be the ability for registration to be free without the need to sign up for membership or a paid check out but just reserve the time.

    Looking forward to this!

  • Looking forward to when we can book classes also. I own a small Pilates studio and would like to be able to book 10 clients in per class. Thanks

  • Looking forward to this as well!  Would class bookings have the ability to do makeups/put credit back on account if purchased a package of multiple class credits, have cancellation policies (i.e. "lose" a credit if you cancel inside the cancellation window).  Would credits for classes be able to be setup such that they can be used for multiple types of classes?  (i.e. maybe a class pack can be used for only 2 types of yoga classes).

    Do you have a blog/updates page we can follow to track your progress?


  • Are we any closer to having an update on when the group bookings will be available? I first asked in October and was advised it would be the beginning of 2019.

  • Really looking forward to this feature being introduced. It would mean that all my bookings are in one place rather than classes and workshops separate to one-to-one clients.

  • Yes, any news yet? I am also waiting for this feature for classes

  • Praying to the software gods!!!

  • Agree!! The class booking feature would be fantastic.