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Send Promotions to Clients: SMS & Email Marketing


Wondering if you can incorporate a feature to send group emails to clients offering discounts and special offers directly from Shedul.

I would like to send my clients mailers for specials via SMS & Email; including Birthdays / Rebook Reminder / Seasonal / Ad-Hoc emails, Blasts, Newsletter / Marketing Reports / Custom Anniversary Date / HTML


  • Official comment

    We are very proud to announce the soft launch of Fresha Plus and our Smart Marketing Campaigns 

    Fresha Plus is our new package that is live to everyone in the United Kingdom. Fresha Plus not only offers Smart automated marketing campaigns, marketing dashboards and soon to be added Blast Campaigns, but it also includes built in No Show Protection, Late Cancellation Protection and more! 

    Other key markets will be going live soon too and in the meantime, you can still export your client data by going to "Clients" >"Options">"Download to Excel" to have a full list of your clients' data to use with Mail Chimp or similar tools for SMS :) 

  • This would be amazing if you guys bring this to shedul to be able to select all your clients at once and send them a sms or email with a promotion you may be running would be really good 

  • Needed urgently. It would be lovely to be able to use it for our upcoming Xmas promotions . Thanks Team Schedule 👍🏽

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  • Need this feature please

  • This would be amazing to have now so we can run Xmas campaigns and new year offers 


  • I would be happy with an integration with mail chimp

  • I was looking for this option EVERYWHERE.

    we definately need this to send mass emails to clients!!!

    Also waiting for the offical app of shedul!


    thanks in advance!

  • Does mail chimp text or just email.

  • Need this now to offer mass promotions during slow periods. Would also like to be able to pick and choose which clients get the message as clients come and go but their information stays!

  • Having auto SMS or emails to clients who have their Yearly anniversary to promote our services to them again. Or provide us a reminder of grouped clients who require a reminder.

  • In July you mentioned a 6-8 week lead time on this option as you recognise the importance of it to your users. It is needed urgently to provide salon owners the opportunity to communicate offers, specials and seasonal pricing directly to their clients without the need to establish a duplicate client database on a secondary platform. This is hugely time consuming and detracts from the day-to-day work. Most salon owners do not have the resources to dedicate a person or hours to this task. What is the timeline on this facility, please?

  • I wait for this possibility to send a group email for more than over a year. Why waiting for so long? Please we need it before christmas!

  • Yes fully agree!! We need this feature asap!

  • I need this now !

  • I needed this for a long would be so nice before the holidays.

  • Automatic texts for client birthdays would be great too

  • Any chance we will be able to send an email or SMS to the client from: 

    - booking screen

    - client screen 



  • Love this idea!

  • This would be great, especially to be able to create an automated message to all clients a fortnight before their birthday with a special gift or something?

  • Would be very very awesome to have ability to send emails/sms based on customer history.

    Exp. Send email for people who don't have any app from today and who had 1visit. Etc.

  • Yes please - would be so helpful

  • This would be a big help, I’ve just relocated salons and it would really have helped if I could send a group message to all clients. This way I know no one has been missed. 


  • We are still waiting for the big day we can send group mails or sms. Thank you! 🙏🏻

  • it is the new year - Shedul please bring it to live! we desperate need to communicate with our active clients base.....

  • this would be amazing so that you can target clients that havent been in for a period of time and intice them back with a special offer.

  • Yes please - would be so helpful

  • Automated marketing so we can trigger/send emails and SMS's like: Welcome vouchers, welcome voucher reminders, birthday emails, re-activate emails, targeted emails etc. You mention the New Year - Could you please give a timeline for this?

  • any updates?

    this is now becoming a major issue with us, exporting and getting rid of doubles weekly is a pain!!!

  • Hi Shedul,

    Any news on this?