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Credit Card Integration: Online Booking / Deposits


Ability to "Pay through App" for a seamless checkout, along with No Show Protection and Late Cancellation Protection.

Key reason: Online Deposit / Guarantee / Cancellation Fee / No-Show Fee / Payment link in Invoice Email / Tips After Booking / Ease of use


  • Official comment

    Fresha Plus is here for the UK, UAE, USA, Canada, Australia and Ireland!! 

    We’ve developed an even better solution than the client having to pay deposits. We’ve built a client facing application where clients can “manage their bookings” including reschedule, rebook and cancel but it’s all attached to their card details.

    As it’s all live bookings, it’s automatically confirmed.

    They’ll be reminded through the application to give them a chance to change the service details so there’s no need to re-confirm.

    If they no-show or cancel last minute, you’ll have the choice to apply a no-show fee or cancellation fee as you have their card details and they will have agreed to your policy whilst booking online.

    This way, the clients are not blocked from booking but your time and business is still protected.

    Countries to have payments enabled first will be:

    • UK - already live
    • UAE - already live
    • Australia - already live
    • USA - already live
    • Canada - already live
    • Ireland - already live
    • EU - coming soon
    • New Zealand - coming soon

    To see more on Fresha Plus, visit:

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  • This is awesome.  I had a message saying it will be ready in a couple months time.  That was a couple of months ago :). Any update on release?

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  • We're going live with Payments in the UK in July! Other markets will follow suit :)

    Those who are actively using Shedul will receive new features first. Email us at to register your interest! 

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  • Hope this comes soon! Been waiting to switch !

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  • I love this software but I'm currently still using my old booking system as it enables online payments.  I started running Shedul along side my existing booking system as you stated online payment would be available in a couple of months, it's now been over a year of using two booking systems.  While we are waiting for your super duper system can we not just have a simple option to have clients pay 100% up front on paypal.  I would love to make the leap and use just your booking system instead of two.  It's so easy to integrate Paypal I'll come and work for you for free just to get it set up!!  

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  • That is currently my one and only factor holding me from fully integrating Shedul as my new online booking system. I simply cannot afford irresponsible customers disposing of my potential booking business! Can't wait for Shedul to get on board with credit card / online payment!


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  • I've registered my interest. Heard nothing. When are we getting the payment option in the UK? Marion Pernoux I use the PayPal card machine currently and send a PayPal invoice to receive deposit payments. I don't like that clients can now cancel their appointment. I didn't know that feature had changed till a client had cancelled online 5 mins prior to appointment. Thankfully I had a deposit but I still lost revenue. I've changed the cancel option to 48 hours in advance now. 

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  • Shedul team In a comment you say your payment system will be ready in July, but July is finally and the online payment system is not ready yet. Can I ask when this will be possible. Thank you.

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  • We've been waiting on this for 2 years without any concrete answers, just run arounds.  My feeling at this point is that it will take another year and end up being something that doesn't work well for us meaning no square, paypal etc payment, just a shedul credit card merchant.  Last I heard we were waiting on rates to be negotiated.  It is unfair to us to sit an anticipate something for two years and stick with shedul out of loyalty while we loose thousands of dollars for no shows every month.  It's just time to move on.

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  • Hi All, small update from us.

    Big apologies, we do need some more time before releasing payments. 

    We made an announcement that the UK would have payment released in July but due to unforeseen regulations and red tape, we've been delayed a few weeks. 

    We appreciate payments have taken longer than expected as a whole and we're super grateful for everyone's patience. The main reason we're offering Free For Life accounts is a Thank You for your support and patience as we've developed requested features. 

    To give some context, in order to release payments, we needed to redo:
    - Check out flow
    - Invoices
    - Taxes
    - Online Bookings and so much more. All of which were unforeseen hurdles which have now been completed (and we hope you're enjoying!)

    We've already launched payments in the UAE as a test market and it's has been a total success. We'll be releasing payments in the UK in the next few weeks.

    Should all go smoothly, we'll switch on the US also and follow suit with other key marketings including; Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand.

    Rates for the UK were initially announced to be 2.9% but have since dropped to be much lower. The US and other markets are likely to be the same. These are much better rates than any other online payments provider, including Square or Paypal (who recently announced another increase in fees). 

    What we'll be offering is the client's ability to "pay through app" for a completely contactless, cardless experience with built in No Show Protection and Late Cancellation Protection for the business, as well as the most competitive rates in the market, an award winning software plus the Fresha market place. 

    We do apologise for delays and we appreciate feature releases directly affect you and your businesses. Payments have taken longer than expected but unfortunately, good things done properly take time, but we're almost there now! 

    Hope this provides more clarity and thank you again for your support! 

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  • Thank you guys for the update.

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  • Can't wait for this to be LIVE in the US!

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  • What is the estimated launch date in Australia?

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  • Omg I can’t wait for the USA to come live with this feature. It’s been such a hassle sending out PayPal and square invoices and constantly reminding them it has to be paid to confirm.

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  • I really need to be able to add my payment cart to Shedul. I get a lot of first time clients through other apps and direct them to book via Shedul but because they can't prepay they go back to the apps which deduct a finder's fee. I also don't want to HAVE TO use Stripe as I already have a different payment cart I want to use. Please say there will be options to choose your own cart when this is rolled out. Preferably sooner rather than later.

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  • This is a great idea, using paypal might be another fast solution for online booking deposit. we have had some new bookings through the app but no show, for this reason we have had to disable online booking.

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  • Hey guys,

    Is there an update to this?


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  • What about Clover mini? Booker make an app in Clover and it’s so east to connect this device to their software for check. Can some one look into this option too. Thx

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  • Any updates guys? I don't know how much longer I can wait for this. I really don't want to have to change systems.

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  • Looking at your software .. it will only work for me if the card processing has been integrated into system.. What is exact date of release in USA? It is now Sept.

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  • any news on this yet??? 

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  • Stil waiting for news o payments please 

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  • I really love the simplicity of your platform and integrated payments would set it above and beyond, please get this going soon as I hope to be in business by november! 

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  • Hi we don’t want to use schedul for online customer booking we like to be in control of the diary, we also already have a payment system in place we would just like a plane and simple deposit button with in an appointment? Is this possible at all? As we take deposits for our spa days etc...

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  • When this option will appear for Lithuania?

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  • Please get back to us when you will release that fonction for Canada...otherwise I will have to change my agenda system ... and it will be sad because I'am with you since the beginning!!!


    Please give us a update!

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  • Please advise on status. Last update was August. Since it appears that the US has to wait until the UK, this is becoming increasingly frustrating.

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  • Please note that California past a new independent contractor law that goes in effect Jan 1, 2019 which is potentially going to impact thousands of saloons and barbershops across the state of California. Online payment is almost a must now for such customers. Is the plan for integrated payments to leverage flexible payment engines such as square and PayPal?

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  • Sorry everyone, California passed not past and salons not saloons (dang phone spell correct)

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  • Any update on the deposit/no show fee feature? This is really needed.

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