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Quick Switch Between User Logins


There should be a way to quickly switch between users. We have several team members and it would be nice if they didn't have to sign out/in to use the system.
Is there a way to switch users on the fly and set it up so they can sign in using a simple 4-6 digit employee I.D. number?
If there's multiple clients checking out, each team member would have to sign in, check out their client, sign out, and then the next team member has to sign in, check out their client, and then sign out, and so on.

Accurately track user activity on shared device e.g. reception computer / Permissions override / Pin code access


  • Yes please! This would be so handy to be able to manage and employee activity. Most salon/spa have one checkout device for the whole staff to use. Right now staff are able to access to whole system without their own log in pin. Logging in and out for each transaction is time consuming.

  • My old system was like that, everyone had to pin in to book appointments and view details. We could also see who had booked in clients.  etc

  • Yes please

  • This is an excellent one. Post haste please. We would know exactly who the client spoke to in case heaven forbid there is a problem.

  • This is exactly what we want, it’s why I just came on the help system to find out how to do it, I actually thought I was going mad not being able to find out how to do it. I naturally thought it would be possible.  

  • please please pleasee

  • This is a great feature to have!

  • 100% this would be the best feature ever to be added! Please please please

  • Is there any plan to add this future in the near future?

  • Have a drop down that has to be chosen when booked in house to show who made the appointment. And have a House account that you can choose the options available to do when signed in. Like I can have my owner account to add to inventory, and change pricing....And a House account that is I can choose what can be done within house account like booking, checking out...... But with every check out and appointment have a drop down that is required to choose a stylist/staff that made appointment or checked guest out. have the first option be blank in drop-down so you have to choose.

  • Than staff wouldn't have to sign in and out, they can all log into house account 


  • Yes please, this is a must, it would be great to have this attached to an activity log also, so there is a record of who did what

  • This is badly needed. This is the only thing i don’t like about Shedul as a busy salon we don’t have time to log in / log out so therefore we can’t keep track of who’s booking in what or checking who out.

  • This is a must have one, and it's first priority before payment system.  

  • Please include an automatic logout after x minutes of no usage. The tracking of who did what is essential in using this feature.

  • this would be an amazing feature to add as at the moment we have to have all staff on a reception log in and is hard to see who is making what appointments etc  i also like the idea of the automatic logout after x minutes of no usage as suggested by francine

  • Brandy has the right idea. a house staff member was what i was going to create so my staff were not logged in on my account and so we didn't have to log in/log out every time they do a different transaction. we don't have time for that sort of muck around.