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Quick Switch Between User Logins


There should be a way to quickly switch between users. We have several team members and it would be nice if they didn't have to sign out/in to use the system.
Is there a way to switch users on the fly and set it up so they can sign in using a simple 4-6 digit employee I.D. number?
If there's multiple clients checking out, each team member would have to sign in, check out their client, sign out, and then the next team member has to sign in, check out their client, and then sign out, and so on.

Accurately track user activity on shared device e.g. reception computer / Permissions override / Pin code access


  • ya that what we need in this software cause been looking for such thing and found it in you're on time softawre but the thing is I dont want to change cause me and my staff are use to schedul

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  • This is really needed. A vital function for salons with more than one staff member. Helps to prevent blame game between staff when things are put through incorrectly. Last booking system I used had a time out function, and also a log out function that allowed a quick pin access. This would be very helpful !!!

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  • Agree with this. Quick PIN and also an auto lock feature after maybe 1 min of inactivity to prevent another therapist using previous therapist ID by accident

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  • Please do this! At least just do it for only the reception desk user. Or make a user log in for reception only that can easily change the user of who is booking or cancelling an appt or checking someone out QUICKLY! This is a must have to assure accountability Without having so many extra steps to do!

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  • Please roll this out

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  • Any updates?

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  • Yes please we need this. I log in everyday and therefor my name is the one that checks out each client and also my name is against all the bookings as well. Maybe just add a checked out Button to the check out page. then its easy to change between operators. 

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  • A work around 

    Have each employee have their own login on a windows 10 computer at the main desk.

    I use a fingerprint reader so they can login to windows hello and setup each empoyee with a local account on windows then on each account setup the screensaver to return to the login screen after 1min i also have an icon when clicked returns them to the login screen google this to set this up.

    Log them in to shedul on their login then create a shortcut to this on the desktop which will automatically log them in to shedul. i leave the browser open for each employee so they don't have to login each time however they do have to refresh the browser for any changes made by others to take effect.

    this takes a bit of time to setup but work great for me and is fast when setup correctly.

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