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Staff Leave Management


Annual Leave / Sick Leave / Holidays / Displayed in roster / Leave balance / Reporting / Payroll

Allow staff to submit leave + management to approve. 

Block out consecutive days rather than one at a time


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    Hi All, 

    If a staff member is going on leave, currently you can go to "Staff" and simply delete the working hours for the days that they are away. No working hours means they cannot be booked online.

    Then go to "Staff Members" and add their leave dates on the Staff details as part of their Staff Notes to help with tracking. 

    We plan on building an official feature for Staff holidays where staff can submit leave requests and management can approve. Upon approval, their working days will automatically be blocked out and the amount of leave taken/remaining is tracked.  This feature is on the to-do list for the longer term. 

    Hope this helps! :) 



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  • How do I add Staff Holiday and calculations?

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  • how to I add in when a staff member is on holiday


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  • When will this be implemented ?

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  • Staff leave management is on the longer term road map as we're prioritising Payments, the App and Marketing features as these are the most requested by users. 

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  • Any update on leave and absence management yet please? That would be a great feature to have so I can do more work in one place, instead of switching between different software. Thanks

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  • Holiday management would be fantastic!


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