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No-Show Notification Message


Is there a way to send clients an email when they cancel at the last minute also when they are a no show?

Automatically send clients a notification when their booking was marked as no-show


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    We've starting working on this as part of a wider Client Notifications Revamp :D Will take a few months but it's coming with heaps of additional functionality :D 

  • This is something that would make sense to add since all the other statuses (i.e. Confirmation, Cancellation, Reschedule) already have notifications.  With this you are able to notify them of any impact as per booking policies. (i.e. Charges of 100%, loss of deposit, blacklist etc.)

  • I agree. When the client is changed to NoShow status it should automatically send them a text/email that we can write the verbage, i.e. Sorry you missed your appointment, per our cancellation policy your card on file will be charged 25% of the service missed. Etc etc

  • I support this idea completely. It could be used in all kinds of ways. E.g, cancellation policy, have we done anything to upset you?, voucher for next time, à telephone call would be nice, that kind of thing. 

  • Just Happened now. A client not showing. At least she could send an email with cancellation after the reminder. It should be possible to have a notification for these occasions. 

  • Yes please

  • Would be great, but with an opt-out message at customer level, because some we don't want to p*ss off our VIPs if exceptionally they don't show up once (usually with valid reason learning that later)

  • YES!!
    Just had a no show last night! Was an $85.00 service..... It would be nice to have a no show message that you send to the client. Where you mark that they no showed, it should send the email. You can later decide if you are going to charge a fee or not depending on their reason for not coming

  • Yes! Need this!

  • Yes, I'd love to be able to notify clients of their no-show status and charge for missing an appointment. 

  • A no snow option would be great!!!

  • Also would it be possible to get a different alert for clients that cancel in the 24h period?

  • Agreed!  Also the same should be for those that cancel on the same day without 24 hour notice because I charge for that as well!

  • YES! At the very least a customized response for no shows. "Opps! did you forget your appointment? Click or call to reschuedule"

  • PLEASE! can we get this soon!?!... just like when we reschedule an appointment we have the option to send a message, can't we have the same for No Shows, with a message that we can customize.

  • Yes! we do need to notify the clients with no shows. Not any disturbing or annoying message. As Lori P. said, "Oops! did you forget your appointment? or "We missed you" also a reschedule message can be helpful.