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Calendar Syncing: Auto Synch to iCloud / Google / Outlook


Ability to share this calendar via ical or html link so each provider can sync their calendar to Google or Apple Calender.

Key Reason: Automatic integrations with Google, iCloud, Outlook / Offline Access / Import Personal Events and Appointments / Use Multiple Systems / Booth Renters to see each other's availability 


  • Official comment
    We are currently addressing the most highly request features: Payment processing, No Show Protection, Late Cancellation Protection, the downloadable app with in built staff notifications and Marketing features. All of which will be going live in the next couple of months. 

    Since these are more highly requested than calendar syncing, they have taken priority for the moment, but once they are out of the way, we'll then have the capacity to allocate engineers and resource to the next most request features, like calendar syncing, so we appreciate your patience on the matter :) 
    We have found that most people transfer over easily to Shedul without the instant need for Syncing calendars and use the "BlockTime" feature for personal appointments to keep their schedules up to date. 

    Since Shedul is completely online, it means you can access your Calendar from any device, anytime and it's completely mobile friendly.

    Meanwhile, you can already add the Shedul shortcut to your home screen so it appears alongside your other apps:

    We hope this helps for the moment and we appreciate your patience was we develop lots of other features that have also been highly request :) 

  • Hi 

    Lots of Beauty portals advertise businesses online and offer appointment booking online which means they use separate calendar for it. Imagine if you have your business listed on few portals like that (eg: The fact we are not able to link shedul with another calendar is very but very inconvinient 

  • Manually moving every time a client books into our personal google calendar sucks. Especcially if you are at a doctor office and are trying to book an appointment but you need to bring up shedul website first then your google calendar then go back and block the time in shedul. Just allow for calendar sync please. 

  • switching back and forth between personal and work calendars is frustrating, specially when the personal calendar is also the family appointment calendar.

    Integration with two way sync would be a tremendous help, and make your site the best :)

  • HI, Just adding my two cents.

    Since there is now online bookings, it makes it more important than ever to make sure personal commitments are entered in Shedul to avoid people booking when you can't actually take their appointments. I think it's safe to say that a lot of people using Shedul are starting out or working part time or just plain like to take appointments whenever they want so if we allow online bookings it means we really have to be on the ball in adding our other commitments.

    Definitely, need to be able to sync to the mentioned calendars. 

  • I am curious when I will be able to sync shedul with my Google calendar? I need this to schedule clients according my day job and business availability. I would also like to know why my confirmations are sent by text via weird random numbers? Thank you for your time.

  • Hey All, small update from Shedul. 

    Based on user demands, our first major priority is releasing Payment Processing to all key markets, followed by the Native App. Once the Native App is live, we'll then be able to look into building simple syncing features with other calendars.

    Please do continue to keep voting as your votes help us prioritise the feature roadmap.

  • The biggest and perhaps only reason I could not use this service is because it lacks google calendar sync (both google-to-shedul and shedul-to-google), which is CRITICAL to my workflow. I don't understand how any sched app would not prioritize this feature in this day and age. 

    Get that going and we'll talk ;)


  • I really wish this program could sync with Google Calendar.  Would make this a really seamless scheduling app.

    Thank you for your consideration.



  • To be able to sync with my Ical is essential for me. This may be the reason I end up going back to my last program. Please look at adding this feature. 

  • for me personally this is more important than payment processing because i work at 2 locations and have teenagers in sports and schedules are crazy. its a major pain toggling between calendars. My kids school and sports teams have figured out how to sync their calendars to google calendar I can't even get my 2 shedul locations to merge onto one calendar which would be great since some days i am at both locations and as it is now I have to block time on both calendars so I dont overbook. It would be SOOO much better with a sync option!


  • I agree with all the comments above. It is essential to have the calendars linked. All my clients have commented as before I used iCal which sent them an invite. Really a major feature to be lacking.

  • This would be a huge addition. Get's my vote...

  • Not being able to sync with my Google calendar, means that I will probably stick with my existing booking system.

  • Not being able to sync with my google calendar is becoming disturbing for both my clients and myself. If this issue is not dealt with I am thinking of choosing another option.

  • Yes, I agree with all the above ... I have staff (renters) who use Google Cal and it is difficult to check a bunch of different calendars to book a client walk in. Also Google cal works offline which is faster to open. I don't need the payment option but I suppose that would be where you can make some money on this free program making it more of a priority for you. 

  • This is absolutely necessary... I dare say even before payment processing. Other things have workarounds that are manageable but this is a big issue for most praise using this type of service. I understand that’s possibly a fairly large undertaking but it would be extremely worthwhile.

  • Hi Shedul team. I am hoping the Google calendar sync is addressed sooner, rather than later. It sounds like it is a rather easy add-on, and I am certain that without this feature, you are losing lots of potential clients. It was one of the things I was looking for when researching a scheduling app. It sounds like we would be a great bunch to test it on, as so many of us would use that feature. I would bet your user pool would grow exponentially if you added the google sync feature. Other than that, this is a terrific and very useful app. Thank you!!

  • Think it is important to have this option, so it will be easier to access your appointments with using Data.

  • This is really vital for most of us I think - I ran all my dairies through iCal. Now I’m having to flip between. My clients have also commented on this as before I used iCal to book them and it went right into their diary. Although they get a reminder if it does not show in a calender they are likely to forget. 

  • Many of the other booking applications have a calendar synching feature. (standard) Whenever I need to schedule a meeting on Google calendar, I have to go to my shedul calendar to see if I have anyone booked. If shedul integrated with Google calendar (or iCal), then I wouldn't have to go back and forth. So what I need is when someone books on my shedul calendar, it automatically syncs to my Google calendar and shows my booking there as well. If I block off time on my shedul calendar, it doesn't need to be put on my Google calendar. 

  • Whilst running a business and having young children to look after I would find the link syncing my other calendars extremely helpful. I dislike the Block Time function as its unreliable should I allow online bookings. This for me is a priority


  • The great thing about GCal and google calander is i can usually enter a booking in my phone in less than 15 seconds start to finish... Doesn't even matter if my Network or internet is down or im having a sketchy browser day. it just WORKS! I can enter it offline in seconds too as its APP based not browser based.
    Switching over to Schedul scares the pants of me because it doesnt even back up to google cal, so if im down or a power cut takes my internet out. i have no way to know who is walking through my door.

    Another basic feature that should be added, an absolute priority.
    However i do understand that backwards compatable gcal bookings with certain staff may be an issue. however by removing the book with staff feature it should still be feasible for added protection..

  • I have to say,I have made due with blocking off time for my personal on shedule. It works ill continue until further notice.

    I desire and feel shedule would be more functional if i could sync my calendar for the purpose of reminders my calendar sits on my homepage visible.. to the eye when trying to book an appt in the middle of styling time consuming with the Google app hands free I can add an appt with my voice and everything syncs I just would love the convenience. Yes they can use online booking but what about those that.. don't use it .

  • Shedul! looks like an excellent system, but it is limited by not having the ability to synchronise with other calendars. We have clients with booking systems on many different platforms which all need to be synchronised together so that potential clients of theirs can book a slot with confidence that there is no overlap in bookings. Some of these systems even fine if double booking takes place. It would be helpful if you could do this in both directions (import and export) using iCal.


  • It would be super great sync with Google Calendar!

  • would be my choice as Google Calendar will not guarantee a sync time of less than 12hrs from my research!

  • Syncing with other calanders is a must for me, Thanks

  • I would also like to know when this (for us) essential feature will be available.


  • This is an absolute no brainer....I have just come across Shedul and believe it has great potential beyond the beauty and hair industries. This system could be used in sooo many other businesses too.

    Calendar syncing iCal and Google is also a must.