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Multi-Service Packages, Course and Combo's


We sell packages for a single treatment done over multiple visits. Please make it possible to sell packages and courses to a client so that treatments can be redeemed over a period of time.

Key Reason: Multi-Services in 1 visit (processing time within multiple services, concurrent mani-pedi, four hand massage or couple massages) / Courses over several visits / Allow part payments for high ticket items 

Would be good to have "colour- processing time- cut and blow dry" all grouped together. 
Clients keep booking in for just the colour so we have to keep checking booking's incase we need to reschedule or move other clients.


  • Official comment

    We all love packages and this is high on our features to-do list!

    Currently, you can sell multiple "Service Vouchers", store the codes under client notes and redeem the codes upon checkout as they are used. Here are two mini video links to help you get started:

    This way it's nice and easy to sell, track and redeem :) 

  • Very much needed for all hair colour services! As it stands there is a lot of manual input needed since there is no option to have another time blocked AFTER the processing time. A quick example:
    Jane Doe booked for a balayage from 9 to 10. There is a processing time of an hour, but we'll need to rinse the colour and do at least a rough dry after the processing time. 

    Also, when clients book online for, say, a colour & a cut, the booking will literally be cut from 9 to 9:45 and colour afterwards, whereas we'd always do the colour first.

  • Agreed! Clients are booking haircut and color wrong online! If we can link services together to have padding in between!! 🙏🏽🙏🏽

  • Don't allow Colour Services to be booked Online.. 

    I require Skin Tests for all clients prior to colour services so I state this in my online booking rules.

    This allows me to have 121 consultations with clients prior to booking. 

    I find it much better 

  • @Claire, this feature is for my current clients who have already been patch tested..
    Some of them have never booked online and are doing it for the first time even though they are already my clients. And sometimes, clients just forget or do it wrong..
    Multi service packages would be ideal!

  • Also packaged facials. Clients purchase package vouchers and use them over the course of a year. this feature would be great!

  • Definitely a facility that is needed. A full colour requires an application time of 15 minutes with 45 minutes development time. The follow on treatment has to be added as a 'Follow Up' blow dry or cut and blow dry which can only be scheduled after the 1 hour above. This means human error can occur by staff when entering the details or worse still, at busy times the follow ups are not booked and this leads to salon chaos. Is there a way of automatically adding the development times (customisable within the actual 'services' menu) and the only allow 'follow up' to be attached to specific treatments. All of this would be fully customisable in the services menu as an initial set up but would save a lot of time at the front of house.

  • The ability for clients to easily see when two therapists are available so they can book a couples massage isn't available in ANY booking site I've found and is such a common need I am surprised it still isn't available, even in the costly services. If you manage this, you'll be the only one and be able to market that feature heavily! It is one of the main reason I am searching for a new service after 7 years of online loyalty to another booking site!


  • You should also include Prepay Credits Packages, where customer Prepay a certain amount of Credits at a discounted price. And this Prepay Credits they purchased is  linked to their profile. 

    Eg, Prepay $200 for $330 worth of Credits. 

    - Return to do a service (price $30), deduct $30 from $330.

    - Client profile shows a balance Prepay Credits of $300.

    - An email / receipt can be printed or emailed for record.


    The current Gift Voucher function, is merely a gift voucher purchase for someone, hence not linked to the Purchaser's profile.


  • yes!

    I want to love this system but some many draw backs like this and no real development team