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Create a built in Consultation form


I would like to see a built-in Consultation form adding to the system. This will allow us to move away from the paper forms we currently use and are prone to errors due to understanding handwriting, missing fields, unticked boxes etc. 

It would be great if the form could be linked to the appointment, so a checkbox could be added which will allow us to confirm the consultation form has been completed correctly and signed by the customer.

Ideally, this form would be linked to the customer account for ease of tracking and data protection (the form would be removed if the customer is removed for compliance)


  • I agree this would be a great help

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  • we use adobe sign to do the same kind of thing but its not linked to the sydtem so the data still has to be manually added at a later date, would be great if it all could be intergrated, also for skin test forms ect

    Being able to create your own form would be perfect

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  • Creatable forms would be brilliant! Love this idea, would be so helpful.

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  • Yes please this would be an excellent addition to this great system

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  • Yes, this is brilliant

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