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Disappointed - Fresha Plus


So, I've come to understand that ETAs for planned projects don't apply to many countries...Just United Kingdom and Australia. So it seems to me, that countries like Canada and USA aren't getting the promised features such as Fresha Plus in a timely manner. I'm quite disappointed actually, because I was looking forward to the update when they announced it was "months away" or "launching this summer" Then it's here but only applies to a handful of countries..


When will Fresha Plus be available for Canada and USA

When will staff notifications exclude client information in the email notifications


  • We appreciate your message.

    Canada and USA are still very much happening. We're taking one step at a time but we're definitely looking to launch Fresha Plus to Canada and the USA in the next couple of months <3 

  • I'm in Prague, Czech Republic, and my clients and I like everything that's happening... granted, we are a cash based city.  Nonetheless, good work!