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Change Price but still add a Discount


We have different prices for haircuts at lengths and thickness. 

Instead of having several of the same services that would confuse booking for staff and online booking, I've been manually adjusting the prices.

However, I'd like to still be able to manually adjust the price and still add a percentage off.  

Example being - haircut was long and took more time to blowdry so I changed the price from $65 to $70, but they're a first time client, So I still need to add the 20% off first time discount. 

Currently doing this manually but I'd love the feature along with the invoice history as to why someone got a discount, 

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    Thanks for sharing, Riccardo! 

    Generally we recommend setting up your service menu to include variables for hair lengths to cover the averages.

    Eg Service Group: Hair Cuts
    Service Name: Cut and Style
    Multiple pricing type: Cut and Style, short + time + price
    Multiple pricing type: Cut and Style, medium + time + price
    Multiple pricing type: Cut and Style, long + time + price

    This way, your clients and staff can select the most relevant service, time and price and you can still apply your first time client discount. It'll also help you keep track of which service is sold most and how many first time discounts you've given away. 

    Hope this helps! Message us directly if not at and we can guide you further :) 

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