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Clients responding to SMS

Clients are responding to the SMS phone number thinking it's coming from my phone or that I've changed my number. Especially my older clients. They're replying to it saying "oh sorry I have to cancel" instead of contacting me directly, which means I am not getting them and instead being no-showed when I could have filled the appointment. Automatic messages should have a "DO NOT REPLY" and/or "Automated message" tag attached. When I had the option to change message info I had included, "for changes, contact ×××-×××-××××" but of course that is now removed from the recent changes in SMS. There needs to be some sort of indication to clients that its not a real person messaging them, they are getting confused and its hurting my business.


  • I have the same problem. I used to have a phone number they could call to reschedule or cancel. Now, I get customers telling me they replied to my text and I have no idea what's going on as I don't receive them. It's a mess.

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  • I am also having a hard time with this. And I used to be able to put my number in but since that has been removed I have had nothing but problems. 

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  • I dislike the non editing option for sms messages, none of them know to directly message me and not the automated messagenumber . Nearly all of my clients communicate via text and NOT email. Please fix this.

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  • I noticed "No Reply" was added to my text messages now but that doesn't correct the problem. The wording of the text messages is confusing to my clients so I have to be able to change it.  Please give us back the ability to customize the text messages we had before.

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  • Same for us!!! We had to completely turn off Sheduls automatic messaging system and start doing manual reminder texts which is extremely time consuming when we have 40+ clients per day. Agreed there needs to be a note saying it is an automated number. Or else allow us to edit the text again.

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  • I agree the text reminder message should have

    This is a friendly reminder.....

    "to manage booking online follow link"

    Otherwise please contact (business name) directly on: 1234 5678

    Please DO NOT REPLY to this number as it is an automated notification.

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  • The text messages need to be customizable so that we each can put what is important in them. Everyone had their own customized messages before we just want them back. Please fix this.

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