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Go back to Fully Customizable client messages. Please


I know there have been some fixes to the client messaging "update" lately, however it still does not work for everyone. I would really like for all messages to go back to being written by us, and not scripted by Shedul. Taking away our ability to communicate with our clients the way we want to was very upsetting. This platform is used all over the world, and it is very short-sighted to think that we all would want to communicate with our clients the one way Shedul picked. 

So, thank you for listening, and fixing some of the issues with this new update, but please address this part. I know from the Facebook page and group that I am not the only one who feels this way. 


  • Totally agree, I use the SMS option only (not email), my previous template had my business name & contact number if any problems.  Now the message is a tad rude with its (NO REPLY) at the end, one of my clients thought I had put it on purpose as she always texts me to say thanks for the sms reminder.  Also by not having our business names it could be anyone, how many business use Shedul, example, a lady may book with me as well as another person for appointments on same day, yet texts will just state 'appointment tomorrow' so they will not obviously know which business each text belongs to.  yes the client should know where they have booked BUT having our business name and contact number takes away any confusion.   

    I appreciate updates are here to improve things but these recent updates have made such huge changes that maybe a warning or consultation period should have happened to weed out these issues before fully rolling out the update.   

    I think it may be a good idea if you have some 'super users' who use the system within their business and any updates you have are used by them to trial out and iron any issues before a full roll out.  This will stop the daily posts I see with everyone complaining about whats happened with varying part of the system.  

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  • Completely agree, I’m about to change business premises and I had full confidence in shedul system, just thought I can change my subject to catch clients attention with all the new relevant information. Then a little reminder on the texts to confirm we have moved.... now it’s going to be really hard to get this across, so disappointing they’ve changed it all. Why fix something that wasn’t broken?

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  • I absolutely agree - we definitely need the ability to customise notifications back.
    We put in a lot of work to make our notifications as rich and informative for our customers as possible and included;

    • links to contact us via social media
    • Custom links to Google maps to allow clients to find us easier
    • Links to allow clients to leave feedback & reviews

    All incredibly useful - especially the links to leave a review - and now all gone without any warning. This was really important functionality, and very useful information for our clients. please allow us to customise our notifications again.

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  • Agreed. We also need customized text messages. We charge a $15 fee for cancellations, no shows and reschedules not made 24 hours in advance. Now we can't and people think it's ok to cancel 5 minutes prior to their appointment! Please fix this back to the way it was.

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  • Please can you put the customised messages back. I am moving salon in a couple of weeks and really need to be able to customise message to allow address to be added ......... so many complaints I don’t understand why they aren’t listening , do I need to change systems ?????????

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  • Please please also make Fresha plus easy to switch off!

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  • I completely agree i am not at all happy with the new upgrades as well not many people are happy with these new updates.
    Not having to customize their text nessages.
    The whole reason i moved from Setmore to Shedul was they offered free text messages and i could customize it.
    While understand and really appreciate their updates for their users but Shedul does overcomplicate their system this upgrade is not a good (except the email part). I really think they need to simplify the system which everyone will like and they will definitely  get more users. Setmore usually sends email to their clients asking for updates they would like and their updates are easier to use and simplified even a child can edit them.

    I hope shedul team reads it and maybe updates are more user friendly.

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