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Client waiting list (Wait List)


It would be great to have a list that we could add clients to that would like an appointment if we get a cancellation.  If a cancellation occurs, the list pops up and we can give that client a call to let them know we just had a space open up.  Maybe even by time, so if we have a two hour client, and a one hour appointment open up, it doesn't pop up.  Only for the time that we need?  But either way, a client waiting list would be great.


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    Very cool suggestion and definitely on the to-do list! 

    We have a good workaround in the meantime. 

    You can add "Blocktime" before the start of your day or after the end of your day and add the  contact details and appointment details of those who are waiting for a last minute spot. 

    So as soon as something frees up, you'll know exactly who to contact and create a booking for :) 

    Hope this helps!

  • Yes yes yes please

  • Just to add.  There are apps in which users can add themselves to the waiting list for a particular time and can get notification by text and/or email if a time frees up on their requested time so they can go ahead and book themselves.

  • agreed. cant wait to see this

  • Do we have an idea of how soon this will be available ??as this is something we would Love 

  • Another vote for the waiting list! Particularly if you could add clients to blocks of time (what we often hear is: can you put me on the waitlist for the next two weeks for late nights after 5pm)

  • a wait list will also serve as a walk-in list for a walk in salons that you can take when available between already booked appointment. I have this with my software now, we check in under what stylist does the client.. 

  • Any ideas when it will be ready to use ??

  • When will this be available please?