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Subtract The Supply Cost Before Commission Split


So lets just say Color takes roughly $15-$20 in supply cost depending on the clients hair and thickness etc.  I need to be able to subtract the supply cost before commission is paid or split the supply/material cost.

When creating a service we should simply be able to check a box that says subtract supplies from commission cost and input what the supply cost is.


  • This feature is very important to all large / high end salons and has been ask for several times before the this forum theme update. Most of large salons which require a software like this to operate would need an option to subtract supply cost before commission spit otherwise they will have to manually calculate and remove the fees before calculate the commission separately in excel. That takes too much work which I decided not to use Shedul services listing price for the customer  anymore. Luckily a new feature came out which allow to enable/disable online booking service. So I create some primary service for customer while the rest has to be hidden with reduced cost to calculate commission. 

    Note that all other private management/booking softwares has this feature in order to work with service booking/worker payroll. However most of them does not have online cloud/web base which make this Shedul superior, especially when it is free use. Once Shedul become a pay service, I think lacking this feature would be a big draw back. 

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  • I'm surprised this was not already a feature. whenever a product is being sold, commission is usually off the profit, not the whole thing.

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  • I really need this to be done too...

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  • I know are working on a ton of other things to start getting paid but I feel like the critical things are being overlooked.  We need to be able to have this done as we are taking a loss from not being able to subtract the product cost before commission split.

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  • I contacted one of the facebook admin and they said that there are not many people requesting this feature lol. I think they are right, but I think they are slow and they don't want to get ahead in the game. Have they ever think that most people start to use free app are novice user and only use for personal/single use, I mean sometime they also need to understand what pro user needs, NAILS salon owners are not your goal?

    Maybe this app want to focus mainly on single use / self employed people, not for NAILS salon owner. They don't know the true that most NAILS salon owner doesn't want to waste time to try apps like this because they don't know if there is a way to subtract supply fee, and they don't want to waste time to test out. Admins of this apps doesn't know most if not all NAILS salon owner will ask for this features before they purchased a POS. Take a quick look for all other paid to use Appointment/POS for nail salon online, they all have this feature advertised. 

    If admins of this app take a little time to think why we are asking for this features, they would understand this feature is a must. We can't provide a competitive price for customer if we can't subtract supply fees before commission.  

    Shedul is a very good appointment apps but that is about all. Without this feature, I still have to use a separated POS. This apps help me manage appointments for 20 employees flawlessly. I hope one day this feature will be available so I can use it as a POS too and I am willing to pay. 

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