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Report for Client Birthdays / Auto Messages


Can you put Birthdays on The Dashboard?


  • It would be great to do birthday emails with an option to offer a voucher attached.

  • Yes, great idea

  • Yes that would be great! Our old system used to do it and it would generate sales

  • yes pls, client notification with template and option to opt-out at customer level

  • Yes please. My old system also provide it. It was a small birthday cake icon. 

  • Yes please! This would be so much more professional 

  • Yes I belived that there was a way to do this and I belive it is a great feature!!!

  • I just went to search for clients with birthdays today and was surprised this was not possible. We collect the info, so hopefully will be easy to access in future upgrades

  • Great idea

  • We would love this! We send out birthday cards and it is very difficult not being able to search up client birthdays. 

  • If we record our clients birthdays, it doesn't make sense not to have it linked to anything?! Can we please have a reported that we can go to that we can look up (by the month) and it lists all the clients who have birthdays and then enable us to market to them accordingly eg via a birthday email?


  • We are really in need of this feature.




  • Yes, this feature request is VERY important!!!

  • AGREED. Important for fostering loyalty to and from clients. Please add this feature.

  • Would love to be able to be notified about the weeks birthdays so I can send promotional emails to my clients. Are you considering giving this update soon?

    Would really help!

    Thank you!