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Loyalty Scheme


Can we have a feature whereby the system automatically adds a loyalty discount?
For example I run a scheme where my clients have a £5 discount on their 6th appointment - most of my clients forget their loyalty cards and it makes it difficult and time consuming to go through previous appointments to see when they last had a discount. Thank you!


  • Agreed!

  • ye that would be great

  • Saves a Rain Forrest of wood and rubber! 

  • Yes please!

  • That would be so much easier

  • Love this idea

  • Yes rather then scan cards ect. Even if you can link a program called loyera.

  • This would be brilliant, I have a loyalty scheme too.

  • this would be fab and get rid of the avalanche of cards when the client opens her ourse to say... which card us yours as thet try to hand you the local coffee shop card.

    have value amounts and rewards depending on individual spend

  • yep, let's go for online shedul loyalty cards !

  • Or even a points system where a client would receive a set amount of points per dollar spent to use towards services and/or products

  • We have been waiting for the loyalty system for a long time. I thought that it would be implemented by the beginning of the year?

  • Yes other systems offer this, earn $ or % off after  certain spend. Dollar spent equals a value And for product purchases . 

  • we need a sort of Fidelity card pls 

  • Yes please! No more punch cards....I have everything in modern time except this.

    this would be amazing!

  • Yes this needs to be a function.

  • Yes this would be great.

  • This will be great option

  • Awesome

  • Yes this would brilliant

  • Yes can’t agree more! Customers always say the card is in another purse. Lol
    I think a point system would be easier so we can customise what the points do. For example, the points can be added automatically (e.g. by % to the expenditure) or manually (e.g. 1 point 1 visit no matter how much they spend). In OP’s case, 1 point should be added for one visit. 5 points for £5 discount etc.

  • Mandatory option for spa & salon...

    Gr8 If we have this option in shedul...

  • Programs like Mindbody and Square offer loyalty programs for clients coming in, referrals, sharing on social media etc. We need this in shedul.

  • Yes 100%!

  • Definitely!

  • Would be amazing!

  • yes please. I give 5% back in in dollar sales. but minimum of $10 to receive the points

  • Hi.  would like to suggest that you add another feature and that is a loyalty programme that allows a client to be entitled to a particular service and when they have bought his service x times (this a choice in the client area) that on the next visit the system will create a nil invoice for that booking and reset the counter back to zero. When they book the system will send an SMS congratulating them notifying this appointment is complimentary 

  • Yes please, most booking systems offer loyalty points to clients, so they can then use them against new treatments or new products

  • Advanced customer retention programs:
    Client discounts.
    Loyalty points programs.
    Discounts based on client's turnover.
    Gift cards.