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Editable client details - Online Bookings


When clients book online and confirm their details, they are prone to still make mistakes and these are not editable in Shedul as they have been set by the user in Fresha.

Users are generally not interested in fixing these mistakes so they will never be rectified.

Also, some users use the Facebook sign in option, which pulls their name from Facebook. Sometimes users don't have their real name set in Facebook and this duplicates into their contact entry making it hard to figure out who it actually is.

Users will also have multiple email addresses and sign up for online booking with different addresses causing multiple entries for them.

To help all of these along with the merge function that has been promised is the ability to also edit users details that have been set by them through Fresha.


  • Official comment

    Thank you so much for everyone's votes! We've been listening carefully to all of your feedback and have taken action as a result. 

    You are now able to update the contact details of a Fresha Client! 

    We know the importance of keeping a clean and up-to-date client list so we've created a solution where you can update your client details without effecting the client's log in details.

    You can read more about this feature here: Managing and editing clients

    Thank you again for your votes and comments! Your feedback is what makes Shedul great. 

  • I'm also getting now doubles of clients because with the new upgrade, they're now using a gmail address and it doesn't recognise it's the same person, even with identical name and phone number..


  • I've had a name changed as two clients used the same email address (someone booked in his friend) the original client's history was attributed to the new client and I couldn't separate it. I had to re-create the original client with no history.

  • We have a mother and daughter who attend our salon and both have online accounts. But yesterday the mother decided to book an appointment for the daughter using her own account and updated the name and email so it matched her daughters. 

    Now we have 2 accounts with the daughters name and email and no way to edit it back to the mother's details. We now need to rely on the mother to do it.

    This and multiple other scenarios is why we need to be able to edit the contact details. 

  • Yes this would be great as some People sign up to Fresha via facebook and a lot of my clients say they’re not getting email notifications because they don’t use the email address that is linked to their fb account

  • I am so glad that there is a thread that has started.  I am really annoyed that client details are not in our control.  This is clearly an effort to make us all adopt Fresha.  There is no reason why we should not have the ability to modify client details for their benefit and ours.

    1. They have typos in their names and they ask us to correct.  

    2. Change their phone number - If they only come to us every few months or a couple times a year - they are not going to go in and correct their information and they are missing the text reminders.

    3. We add client notes in the last name section so that we know how to book them without having to mouse over or open the appt to see the client notes.  We do this for everyone.  Now we have some clients with notes and others without notes.

    These are only a few of the reasons this imitation hurts our business and our clients.  

  • Dev guys, it’s been over a month since quite a number of us have been complaining about Fresha etc. this really needs to be addressed.

  • uncovering same problem... a client has booked her child in... and now the system is a bit of a mess... fresha doesn't allow a user with a single email address to book in her as well as her kids... tried to fix it in the system, only to find it uneditable and I can't fix it for her - short of cancelling her son's appointment and setting up a new client (which she then won't be able to book online)

  • Just starting to play around with shedul to see if it's workable for me, and as my services offered are covered by insurance, this would be a deal breaker for me with not being able to have the correct and legal client information in their profiles and on invoices. Glad to know this is not workable option yet before I get to deep into using shedul!

  • yeh really not enjoying this fresha business i unlinked it so i don't have clients cancelling! one week with it active and i got five cancellations, and now the ones who have used it I'm unable to change their details 

  • Shedul Team:

    I’m seeing a lot of cancellations, dealbreaker, showstoppers, etc. in these comments. I am not seeing a lot of is response, corrections, etc. The longer that this goes under dressed, I figure the more people you were going to get quitting Shedul. This is clearly be coming showstopping issue. What are you doing about it?

  • Ok, so this is what has happened to me. A client of mine has written in the wrong phone number for her cell, so along with her not getting her text reminders, I got a very angry phone call from the owner of that number that she is receiving texts for someone and asked me to remove her number... AND I CAN’T. We need to be able to have control over client records. There’s no privacy issues here, when we are fixing mistakes!

  • This needs to happen. The looks you get when you tell a client you can't change their details and they must do it, it's embarrassing.

    I'm glad we are not the only ones with these issues. Shedul Team please listen to us.

    This is becoming farcical now.

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  • Have been using the feature now and it certainly has helped a great deal.

    Thanks for implementing this.

    Only outstanding thing for us now is the ability to somehow merge Fresha clients together.

    You have come up with solutions for everything else so far so im hoping this will be possible too.

  • Link from Official Comment not working

    You can read more about this feature here: Managing and editing clients

  • Still not working. 

  • I’m also having problems merging a Schedul client and a Fresha one together. Leaving us with many duplications. Are we covered under GDPR when a client books through Fresha?

  • Very true.