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Bulk Messaging or group Messaging


Would be great if not already available to have an option to bulk messages and send out to all clients for when away on holidays or about in salon deals or specials.


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    We are very proud of Fresha Plus and our Smart Marketing Campaigns, with Blast Marketing coming soon.

    Fresha Plus is our package that is live to everyone in the United Kingdom, US, Ireland, Australia and Canada.

    Fresha Plus not only offers Smart automated marketing campaigns, marketing dashboards which also includes built-in No Show Protection, Late Cancellation Protection and more! 

    You can still export your client data by going to "Clients" >"Options">"Download to Excel" to have a full list of your clients' data to use with Mail Chimp or similar tools for SMS :) should Fresha Plus not be available in your area.

    Countries which have marketing enabled already are:

    • UK - already live
    • UAE - already live
    • Australia - already live
    • USA - already live
    • Canada - already live
    • Ireland - already live
    • EU - coming soon
    • New Zealand - coming soon
    • More markets coming soon.

    To see more on Fresha Plus, visit:

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  • This is definitely something that I would use for ant promotions

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  • This feature would make life too easy.

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  • Yes i would definitely use this feature. was actually looking to send out a special promotion to all clients

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  • This would be a brilliant idea instead of doing individual text messages from my phone! 

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  • Great idea!!

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  • Suggestion... would be great if you could integrate something like mailchimp to automate and manage clients (API?)

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  • I'm looking for this right now to remind clients of a price increase next month!

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  • Also to be able to assist with client retention - automated massages for clients you haven't seen for 60 days for example??


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  • This is needed urgently as it is one of the only ways of communicating new offers or pricing specials to our existing clients. Not everyone uses social media and it is too time consuming to send out text messages to over 500 clients individually, not to mention it requires a dedicated mobile phone number. Is there any plan to include such a facility from the software in the near future?

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  • This part of every salon system, to able to send bulk message to all clients for what ever reason
    My question why still not available on this system!!

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  • Totally agree...this is a MUST HAVE. The main reason I'm looking to move away from Shedul. I need my system to be automated for specials, reminders to those we haven't seen a while, birthday specials etc. automate automate automate this is where we need to go. Even if we need to pay for sms, I would be totally happy to pay for this service!

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  • hi guys this is pretty urgent.. if u cant make it bulk sms sending, at least auto export to mailchimp? Thanks

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  • Agree - integration with MailChimp would be very handy and make it far more enticing :)

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  • Shedul Team, any sign of this happening soon. You mentioned in June 2018 that you were introducing the facility. It's April 2019 now and the only update has been that you launched Fresha Plus which does not address this request for TXT/SMS facility. Fresha Plus only relates to online payments which many salon's do not use or wish to use.  Please update this thread asap as we are a long time waiting for this service.

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  • Email marketing to clients is a must. Integration and syncing with Mailchimp would be fiiirreeee!!!

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  • Yes please. Having to manually add clients to mailchimp is really time consuming, so never get round to it.

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