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Two Locations. Same Services... but different prices for each location


I'm trying to figure a way to use Shedul for our two location salon, but I don't see a way I can do so...

The issue is that we charge different prices for the same services in our two locations. This makes online booking a problem with Shedul.  The client can see prices at both locations and it just looks sloppy.

Shedul needs to allow us to group our services as location 1 or location 2 (or both). Right now any service I create will show when a client is booking online.  So if I create a Facial with a price for New York and a different price for New Jersey... the client will see both and have to choose the New York price if they are in New York.

Might not be the biggest deal but it looks sloppy and I would imagine some clients would choose the lowest price no matter what location they choose in the beginning.

Makes no sense for online booking to start with asking the client what location they want to go to... but don't let us show only the services and prices related to that location.


I guess both locations could create their own Shedul account and keep things separate that way... but then we are unable to share client data unless we constantly download client data... pool it together... and then upload it to both locations.   

Shedul could easily solve this issue by just allowing services (and products) to be classified to a specific location when a multi-location business with unique prices and services in each location wants to use the software.





  • I have exactly the same problem too, i have multiple branches with different prices but for the same services and products. Rent varies etc.
    I would love to have just ONE schedul account but as it stands i need to buy 3 iphones to have 3 separate schedule apps for each location because of one small feature that we are missing. doesn't make a lot of sense really, a different location should be also treated like a different entity but with a shared user base.

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  • Has this been implemented?

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  • We are suffering from the same problem. We have 4 locations offering different services and different prices. When making a booking, ALL the services for all locations are visible which takes a long time to select when making bookings.

    Like the idea of the services being segregated into different locations, LOCATION 1, LOCATION 2 and/or SHARED.....


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  • Kind a basic feature you would think.

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  • we have the same problem too. we have a spa and a salon and obsviosly the prices for massage at spa is greater than at salon and we cant figure out how to manage it

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  • let's promote this idea. is anyone with same problem?

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  • Same problem yes.

    And what I would like is to have separate calendars for each location as well. So on the calendar where you can choose the dropdown for staff members, it would be nice to have another dropdown to select location(s).

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  • I am having the same problem! 

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  • Same problem here. The only solution for now is to create a new shedul account for the second location. A big problem in central management and operation though. It's like having two different businesses. I personally need different services between locations, not only different prices.

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  • Same problem and just send customer service an email with the same questions.


    I now have 2 different accounts, thats the only solution i see for now. 

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  • Same here.  I'd also like to be able to add the set blocked time to each service as a different time in a different location.  I flit between being mobile and a pop-up in one location so I don't need the same blocked time after each booking in the pop-up because i'm not travelling.

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  • Similar problem, but with added currency change! We have 3 locations, two in spain, which we need different prices and one in Gibraltar for which we need a different currency! Is there a way around this Fresha?

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