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Merge Client Overview


I have just read the Merge Client Overview ( and whilst this sounds great, I must say I'm more than a little disappointed.

The fact that we are unable to merge multiple Fresha clients is not good at all. After all it is Fresha that is now causing most of the duplicate issues.

Clients are registering with different email addresses causing multiple profiles.

The merge of Shedul > Shedul clients and Shedul > Fresha clients sounds good tho. But the lack of Fresha > Fresha merge is a major issue still.

I hope a solution can be found for this. Along with the ability to edit Fresha client details.

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  • I wrongly thought the most recent info would be kept in merge, but sadly Fresha trumped more recent details and so I have lost a heap of clients, esp where a parent has booked in their child. I was hoping to have the child's name remain and the parent come in under it, not have the Fresha initiated details override everything. It isn't clear in the process that this is what would happen, i.e. how information would be selected. Ideally we would have a list of which info would be selected and kept. Fresha really is a headache.

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