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For example

Laser Hair Removal: You pay £600 upfront for 8 sessions

Personal Training Packages: You pay £500 upfront for 20 PT Sessions


Makes doing offers and discounts easier !


  • This would be amazing to be able to do

  • I agree, we currently manage packages the old school way and it is a nighmare. Bring it on Shedul!!

  • We sell vouchers codes created in shedul that include the cost for multiple treatments. When the client pays they use the voucher code and the system deducts the value of the treatment from the total value of the voucher code. We actually use Xero accounting to create an online invoice for the client to pre pay before making the voucher code live.

    It would be nice to have it all in one app but this works well for us and keeps all of our accounts in one place.

  • Yes Please do this sooon!!!

  • I offer packages too and this would be such a nice feature.  Please do this for us!  Thank you!

  • Would be a great feature, also to use when deposits are taken

  • Greatly needed feature for the program. Especially for selling peel or massage packages. 

  • This is a brilliant idea as I do Lash Extensions and offer packages to my clients.