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Print daily/weekly schedule



I would like to print my agenda, could you implement this?

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  • Yes!! I need print out to my schedule like daily !!!

  • Try hitting CTR+P while you're on the calendar

  • Try hitting CTR+P while you're on the calendar

  • Hey everyone, you can print off your daily appointments by heading to "Sales">"Appointments" then export to PDF or Excel :) 

    Remember Shedul is cloud based though so you could save on paper and simply log in from your mobile. Hope this helps!

  • You can print your schedule by doing that but you can’t see any of the notes you put on it.  How do we add the notes?

  • I used to print out daily calendar with all notes bookings etc from an allocated time eg our opening hours 10:00-6:00 - NOW can only print from 0:00 - please help!!