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Lockdown of clinical / client notes



We use the software in a para medical clinic, and the law requires client notes to be locked once completed after each appointment so changes cannot be made – this is for the purpose of auditing. To put it simply, the software is perfect for us in almost every other way, but if there is no intention of locking the notes down after they are entered we will have to change to another service. NOT what we want to do as we love Schedul, but we also have to abide by law being a clinic. I am posting this here in the hope of getting enough people to support us so Schedul will implement this change :)



  • We run a complementary medicine and allied health clinic and we would love this feature.

  • I ALSO need this features. 





  • The more support we get the more likely it will happen!

  • I would love this feature as well.  I was looking at another scheduling company that offers it, but would rather stay with Schedul

  • I need this feature as well. Being able to lock Shedul down would a ensure safety of client/patient records as well as any financial records we might need to keep on hand.