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Add a time adjustment to the clients profile.


When you input clients into the database you can add ir subtract time to them because their hair is thicker, longer, or more work/ thin, short or easy. So when they book services it automatically adds or subtracts the time.


  • Hey Crystle, that's a cool idea.

    What you can do for now is next time they have an appointment, you can adjust the appointment duration to what is needed, and once it's completed, click "More Options" > "Rebook".

    This will replicate the same appointment and same duration for a future date for that client :) 

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  • Can I just add to this. Most of the clients book online if one hour time slot available and she wanted her appointment booked in it will let her to book and we need to contact actually can we reschedule because we don't have enough time for your hair/nails act because need 1hour 30min for you especially. So it would be a good update.

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