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Text message now from FRESHA


The reminder texts were previously from a sender 'appointment', now they are coming from 'fresha', this is confusing clients as many believe it to be spam as an unknown sender to them. Can we please change back ASAP?


  • Official comment

    Thanks for sharing everyone. 

    We’re slowly rebranding from Shedul to Fresha, since Fresha is way easier to pronounce :P and it captures a wider sense of everything we do;

    Eg how do you feel after you’ve had a hair cut, your nails done or a massage? You feel, ‘fresha’.

    Should there be any confusion with your clients, you can update your SMS template to be:
    LOCATION_NAME: Hi CLIENT_FIRST_NAME, this is a friendly reminder about your appointment on BOOKING_DATE_TIME

    This way, your business name is the first thing they see from the SMS :) 

    Please note, the SMS's never came from a business name but were sent either via a number or from a generic "appointment". 

    Ensure to enable your Email reminders so you’re covered on all bases. 

    If you haven't enabled online bookings yet, now's a good time to do so, so you and your clients can take advantage of all the benefits, plus we've already started work on in app client notifications.

    It's also worth educating client to not solely be relying on SMS reminders. The SMS's are a curtesy and not an excuse.  The client booked their own appointment and they should take some element of responsibly in remembering/noting down the appointment. 

    As always, still lots to come <3 


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  • Completely agree. Clients getting confused, looks like spam. Likely to be ignored and no shows increase.

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  • Agree..needs to be clear.

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  • This was brought to my attention by a client. They were confused as all previous reminders came from “appointment” I feel clients will not read their txt messages and may result in no shows.

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  • My clients have moaned about fresha also

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  • This is terrible! My clients think its spam, and Ive had 2 no shows already, I dont get no shows! 😪

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  • We have had clients thinking that we have sold the salon and trading under another name. Others just not reading the text at all as it says fresha and not appointment!

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  • In response to the Official Comment. The text message used to say “Appointment” not “Shedul”, so this is a very confusing move.

    The key consideration here is that not all clients book via Fresha! If they did, then it wouldn’t be a problem, but it IS!!

    The “workaround” you have mentioned only changes the start of the text, so the sender still shows as “Fresha”.

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  • Totally Agree, all my clients today have been very confused and thinking it’s spam messages. Please change back to Appointment as soon as possible. 

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  • I don't use online booking yet and so my clients have no idea about fresha!

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  • Agree with all the above comments. Now seen as spam by clients. Don't use online booking to control diary and stop erroneous bookings. Has caused tensions with some clients receiving these and querying who is holding their data. Needs to be returned to appointment as soon as possible.

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  • It still has sender as "Fresha" they're not booking an appointment with Fresha, they're booking it with my company!!........ clients are not happy, this means I'm not happy.

    The answer from the "team" on Wednesday has not answered the question....."When are you going to change it back?

    the "fix" does not work, as the sender is still from fresha ..... this is and looks very unprofessional and actually very invasive



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  • Feedback hasn’t been too good for me either :(

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  • I agree! My customers are confused as they don't book through fresha, they book their next appointment with me at their current one so they don't know what fresha is. Please revert back so the sender says Appointment.

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  • I agree with all of the above, we need to change it back asap and not say Fresha please.

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  • I have had client's request that I personally send through a reminder as the message from "fresha" is never taken seriously! At least "appointment" alerted them to the fact without opening the message. I too would much rather this be changed back to "appointment" or a less confusing term.

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  • We have exactly the same thing and getting a lot of confusion/negative comments from clients. I'm not quite sure the Shedul rep has understood. When clients are getting an SMS from the salon in the From section it used to say our salon name but it now says Fresha so people think we've been hacked or we've changed the salon name! Is there a way of changing the From bit in SMSs? Ive included a photo a client took after they text it to us asking if it was genuine!?

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  • Not all clients book via Fresha so this is really confusing for them. Would be better if footer of text said “powered by Fresha” as an alternative. Furthermore, instead of Fresha or Appointment on Test title, prefer Salon name

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  • This needs to be changed back to business name immediately. It is quite unfortunate this is still an issue for so many. There are other ways Fresha can market their name. The official comment by team will not suffice.

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  • 4 No Shows today! Total £205 lost as a result. This never ever happened until the text message change! Please for the love of god change it back!

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  • @gavin, thanks for your comment and we appreciate your frustration. 

    The SMS notifications will be staying with Fresha but we noticed a few basic features things that you haven't enabled yet:
    - client Confirmation messages
    - Email Reminders
    - SMS reminders haven't been updated to include the Business Name at the start of the message. 
    These are very quick ways to build stronger communication with your clients.

    Likewise, you can consider looking into enabling Online Bookings and  Fresha Plus which eliminate No Shows entirely x 
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